5 minutes of fame?? Nope,..Let’s make it the whole day!

Let’s face it, you want things to be as special as they can be on your day. You want that breathtaking moment. The moment family and friends lay eyes on you walking down that aisle to perfectly matched music and lyrics and have to fight back the tears. However, occasionally we come across a bride to be, who is not accustomed to the limelight and starts to wonder if the arrangement of what she is thinking might be over the top.

Our answer,… ? You do, exactly what you want to do.

If not today, then when?

Make your entrance as dramatic as you want. Make the hair stand up on your guest’s arms for that brief moment. Give them the sensory overload of seeing you, in that dress, linked with music and lyrics that totally compliment the moment. Let the flowers be as loud as you want them to be. You want to sit at your own table as Mr and Mrs,… just do it!  Bridal dance to Ice Ice Baby,.. Sure!

This is the day that no one can tell you what is right or wrong.

We have seen weddings run every different way possible, from expensive three-course meals to festival style food trucks in a paddock,  and they still have one thing in common. It was what the new Mr & Mrs wanted… and THAT is the best wedding there can be.