Win Win Weekdays

The wedding season should run from around September until March. However, this Melbourne weather seems to be pushing young, engaged lovers to start the season later and later. With such a high focus on FridaySaturday and Sunday weddings, we find ourselves being booked two years in advance. Of course this happens all the way down the service chain with the ‘must have’ venue, photographer, videographer and florist! It seems extremely early, but it’s out of necessity. Great for us and great for those couples that secure their desired bookings, but a real heart breaker for those who miss out on the service providers they wanted. Our question is, ‘Why miss out’?   Weekday weddings are quite simply, a brilliant idea. After talking to many of the couples that have hired us for a weekday wedding, we have found that it doesn’t take long for the words “we saved thousands” to pop up through a big, gleaming, newlywed smile! Also, given plenty of notice, majority of friends and family have taken the following day off without a second thought and actually been pretty happy to do so.   See, most service provider’s offer incredible discounts for weekday weddings. Some up to 50% and why wouldn’t they? You’ve just increased a small business owners earning days from 3-4 and if we can push this trend, who knows?  4-5? Maybe even 5-6!! It’s the epitome of a win/win situation. Couples get their preferred venue and suppliers, at a highly discounted rate and the venues and suppliers have just started earning on days that were traditionally written off.   We say, no brainer.