Winter or Summer wedding? It’s a dead heat and here’s why!

We have stumbled onto a curious fact. With winter weddings becoming more and more popular, we have decided that Winter weddings, are definitely just as fun as Summer weddings,.. there,.. we said it.

A beautiful Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula winery with huge decks offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, or a city wedding also with a deck or lush garden, is a fantastic night, no doubt. You and your guests will not be disappointed. However, what you may not have known, is that Winter narrows the available space of the venue, catapulting the partying and socialising into another gear.

With all guests in the one room, the interaction steps up and creates a magical atmosphere, balancing out the loss of the summer nights on the deck. The noise of the singalong’s can shatter the crystal centrepieces and the dance floor is jammed.

So, if you are yet to decide on a date and find yourself torn between Winter or Summer,… we think it would be a fair assessment to say that both are winners. In short,.. you can rest easy with the fact that, no weather can spoil your day.